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Buying and selling properties in Dubai represents a sound financial investment, allowing you to own property in a part of the world that is quickly growing into one of the most desirable place to live these days. Whether you are looking for Dubai apartments for sale in one of the many luxurious Dubai developments currently available, or simply want to know what opportunities are available, part of the Smith & Ken brand, we are here to help and offer expert advice to all our clients and investors you can contact us here. Our website is also available in over 50 languages so do take the time to translate any of the information today.

We have the information you need to successfully navigate the world of Dubai Real estate. Whether you are a first time buyer who is looking for an agency you can trust, or are a seasoned real estate expert who simply needs some information about the latest and greatest developments in the region, we have the guides you need to aid you with buying and selling property in one of the world’s most popular regions. What makes shopping for a home in this region so challenging is the ever-changing nature of the marketplace. Simply watch the Dubai property news to learn of new developments coming to maturity, changes in market prices that occur almost constantly, and would-be investors who lose money by making poor buying choices. Our business model is dedicated to only offering properties that represent a sound investment opportunity, with the strong potential for growth and increased value over the years. Our experts study the market to determine when certain villas or other homes are at the best possible price, and then offer these to our clients with the potential for a strong return on investment ROI.

We choose the developments and developers we offer to our clients carefully, only those who have a strong reputation with a proven track record for quality and excellent returns. Whether you are looking to buy a home in The Lakes, Greens, Meadows or Springs to live in yourself, or wish to purchase commercial property in Dubai Marina or Burj Khalifa, we know which developers offer the level you expect. Our database contains over 5,000 Dubai Properties for you to choose from, with properties in all sizes and just about every price range. We employ an in-house team of qualified real estate agents who are available to offer advice and answer questions as you search for your dream home.

In addition to helping you search for your next home, we also offer financing. If you are in need of a Dubai mortgage to purchase your home, talk to one of our licensed agents to learn about the process of applying for financing. Every week we host Open Houses, where Dubai Property available for purchase are open for guests to tour. This allows you to see several homes before you buy, allowing you to get a feel for the amenities and level of comfort that is expected in the region. Whether you are buying, selling or just looking around, we are here to help.